An AUA is an Advanced Unlicensed Assistant, certified and qualified to provide specific skills in an acute care setting.

There are 11 AUA programs in the state of Oklahoma, CCMH provides the only program that is taught in the hospital where clinicals are also completed.

Each class is composed of 20 students and they are taught by Kylah Rucker and Sonja McInnis during the 10 week program. See below for the duties an AUA could perform on the job:

  • Perform blood glucose monitoring
  • Perform urine testing for specific gravity, glucose, ketones, or protein
  • Perform Electrocardiogram (12-lead EKG)
  • Apply and discontinue telemetry monitor
  • Perform venous doppler
  • Collect blood specimens by venipuncture or vacutainer
  • Obtain urine specimens from indwelling/straight catheter
  • Obtain sputum specimens
  • Obtain nasal swab specimens
  • Obtain specimens of wound drainage
  • Remove sutures, staples, and drains
  • Empty wound drainage containers
  • Apply sterile dressings
  • Create a sterile field
  • Apply sterile gloves
  • Don sterile gown
  • Open sterile packages
  • Oral suctioning
  • Provide stoma care for patients with chronic tracheostomies
  • Assist with incentive spirometry
  • Insert foley/straight cath
  • Irrigate indwelling catheter
  • Remove indwelling catheter
  • Perform bladder scanning
  • Apply colostomy/ileostomy pouch
  • Skin care
  • Administer enteral feeding through established tubes nasogastric/gastrostomy
  • Irrigate feeding tube
  • Removal of nasogastric tube
  • Apply limb and vest restraints, safety belt
  • Monitor placement of restraints

The first week of training covers CNA skills to bring everyone to the same basic skill level. The AUA students receive hands-on training, classroom instruction, and also complete rotations on the floors and in multiple departments. At the completion of training the AUA students will sit for their certification test administered through the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. If you have any questions about becoming an AUA or the program in general please reach out to the Education Department at (580) 585-5527.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • At At least 18 years of age
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to learn